“Requiem” manages to play out as an urgent but understated drama. The film puts its points across with a delicacy and sobriety rare in moviemaking."

by Glenn Kenny, NY Times

"The Sweet Requiem which opens today at the IFC center is not an easy film to watch but an important one to see."

by Isa Freeling, Medium

"The film went to extraordinary lengths to recreate the trek that Dolkar and her fellow Tibetans took across the snow-covered mountains. Shot in the Indian Himalayan region of Ladakh at altitudes of over 15,000 feet (4500 meters) in sub-zero temperatures, two crew-members developed altitude sickness and were unable to continue."


"The Sweet Requiem is compellingly realistic in recreating the icy bleakness, peril, pain, fear and near hopelessness of these escape attempts."

Shadow Tibet

""The Sweet Requiem" does a great job using the drama of Dolkar's escape into India to tell a very human story, all against a backdrop of political consciousness for the struggle of Tibetan refugees in real life."

by Sam Cronin, Edge Media Network